We started the ONE project as seven individual project partners with one common aim. Now after two years of working closely together, teasing out the project aims, creating an Environmental Policy the ONE Business Case, preparing a ONE Guide and developing a ONE Virtual Toolkit, we are truly ONE team.

ONE has successfully increased its partners’ environmental awareness and through engaging with its stakeholders and higher education leaders and staff its digital competences.

To make the ONE face-to-face project meeting count, all ONE partners met in Hagen, Germany in June 2022 and carefully planned an agenda to make the best use of our in-person time together. Besides the of course valuable opportunity of meeting in person – drinking coffee and enjoying food brought to Hagen by all partners – the ONE consortium took the chance of having hands on workshops on how to share the learnings of ONE and using the FernUni video equipment. The recorded videos explore the project rationale and showcase the practical Toolkit and ONE Guide for European project managers. Demonstrating the strength of relationships built during the project, the meeting closed by exploring the potential to build on the ONE Project and continue the partnership.

ONE is a catalyst for change and that has been the experience of project leader, Prof. Dr Eva Cendon, “Starting under the cloud of Covid 19 we were forced to use agile project management and digital tools for collaboration to create a robust, practical guide and toolkit that can be easily adapted. With new and different crises, now is the perfect time for ONE to champion the need to work smarter while being green and sustainable for our planet’s future.”

It’s not the end of the ONE project but rather a start: The resources created in this project continue to be freely available to access and share to help you think about how you can be smart, green and sustainable in your international work.