The All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to Running ONE Meeting Projects (The ONE Guide) is a practical guide presenting a step-by-step strategy for converting projects into a ‘ONE meeting only’ format. It complements the ONE Business Case (which provides evidence and focuses on raising awareness) and the ONE Virtual Toolkit (which presents a systematised collection of tools for virtual collaboration).

The ONE Guide aims at project managers who need to or want to change the way of conducting transnational projects and provides a step-by-step approach for implementing transnational projects with just ONE meeting.

The ONE Guide includes three sections:

SECTION A presents the cornerstones of the ONE approach:

(1) Agile project management,
(2) Sustainability and
(3) Accessibility.

We highlight their central features, reflect on our ONE learnings, and share some internal and external resources

SECTION B outlines the ONE approach regarding the different phases of how to manage and conduct EU projects with ONE meeting only: from proposal development, project planning and implementation to dissemination and exploitation, quality assurance and evaluation. And it presents the ONE meeting itself that is of special importance for the partnership and can take place at different stages of the project

SECTION C provides in a nutshell five central criteria as things to be mindful of when conducting transnational projects that are based mostly on virtual collaboration – as is the ONE approach

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