User participation is a central feature of the ONE approach. We involved our (potential) users at different stages of the project.

Following the idea of Design Thinking we included our potential users already as co-creators at the very beginning of our project. Results of the consultation with 38 experienced project managers across Europe have been used as basis for developing our outcomes.

Find out more about the consultation:

Cendon, Eva; Wietrich, Julie & Royo, Carme (2022). What is missing? What is gained? Experiences of virtual collaboration in EU projects. In Svenja Bedenlier & Victoria I. Marín, (eds.), International Academic Mobility in a (Post) COVID 19 World. Conference Proceedings.

After drafting our three results of the project, the ONE Business Case, the Virtual Toolkit and the All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to running ONE Meeting projects, we involved stakeholders and potential users of our project outcomes in user testing. We sent out all outputs for testing and asked them to fill in short questionnaires.

The feedback has been used to further develop, adapt and finalize our outcomes. Have a look at the User Testing Reports.

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User participation is not finished yet!

Please use our materials, develop it further and re-mix it to new forms and combinations depending on your project specific purposes.