Quality assurance and evaluation is part of each phase of a project and needs to be set up early. Quality assurance concerns the deliverables and the project management itself. Applying the ONE approach to quality assurance includes defining indicators and markers for measuring how smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable the project and the approaches to using technology are.


The ONE approach measures regarding the project include

  • appointment of a quality leader;
  • bilateral meetings between partners and quality leader;
  • periodical quality surveys about the use of the online platform and the management of the project;
  • reports on a regular basis – monthly and quarterly; and
  • continuous improvement based on the partners’ feedback, surveys and reports.

ONE Learning

We have realised that we need to constantly reflect about agreed measures regarding the ONE approach to find out if they still serve our purpose or need to be adapted. Doing this, we found that the questionnaires for our monthly and quarterly reports needed to be adapted. Such regular reflection serves the purpose of not getting stuck in routines and improving established processes.


The ONE approach measures regarding deliverables entail

  • including partners as internal peer reviewers as the most critical friends;
  • involving external stakeholders early (multipliers and users) for review of the produced deliverables;
  • creating loops of quality assurance; and
  • bilateral meetings between partners and quality leader.

ONE Learning

The pairing of different kinds of partners (university – business partner/association) for our deliverables helped us to (a) better understand each other’s needs and specificities and (b) create room for more informal exchange.


In the ONE approach, the sharing of results from reviews with external reviewers closes the quality cycle and promotes sustainability and dissemination. Publishing review results on the website can also be part of the dissemination strategy and enhance transparency and impact.

ONE Learning

External reviews may help to widen the perspective: We have learned as much from our internal reviewers as from our external reviewers, who are spread all across Europe and beyond, sharing their valuable insights and feedback.